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Cliff Camping In Colorado

Camping is an activity that people have enjoyed for centuries. However, over the past few years, cliff camping has become a popular activity for adrenaline junkies. Cliff camping, which is also referred to as extreme camping or vertical camping, is when the camper securely attaches a tent, widely referred to as a portaledge to the side of a cliff. According to the Adrenalist, portaledges are built to be sturdy as they are made out of an aluminum frame and sheets of nylon.

Quality portaledges are able to fold up to fit in hauling bags. As they sit in the portaledge and hang from the side of the mountain, campers often spend hours, and sometimes a whole night relaxing, reading, taking pictures, and spending time with fellow cliff campers. If you are looking for a location to cliff camp, the state of Colorado is a good place to start.

Given the natural beauty of the state of Colorado, along with its richness of mountains, valleys, forests and other diverse topography, adventure lovers flock here to enjoy camping, hiking and for extreme adventure seekers, cliff climbing. Because cliff camping is considered dangerous, not all parks offer it as an activity.

Cliff Camping Near Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is esteemed for its lakes located within high mountains and peaks that are over fourteen thousand feet. The scenery from these peaks is breathtaking, as it boasts acres of wildlife and thick forests spread out as far as the eye can see. Cliff camping will allow you to enjoy the wondrous view of the Rocky Mountains. If you wish to try cliff camping, the Kent Mountain Adventure Center at Estes Park is an ideal location.

According to Kent Adventure Center, the campsite has guides who will aid you in setting up a portaledge as per your requirements. They will also teach you cliff climbing basics, rappelling, using mechanical ascenders to ascend the fixed rope, as well as safety precautions. Prior to setting up the portaledge, you can choose between two cliff camping packages.

You can select the lunch package, if you simply want to just hang out and enjoy the beautiful view while eating lunch. The other option is to spend the entire night hanging high in the portaledge. If you choose to spend the entire night, breakfast will be provided. Additionally, guests who stay overnight will be able to climb the cliff prior to eating dinner. A person can cliff camp alone, or bring up to two additional campers. Of course, the price per person is lower, if there are more guests. Pricing also depends on the package you choose.

The Kent Adventure Center provides all food and camping equipment, so all you would need is your clothing, or any other personal items you may think are necessary.

While most cliff climbers are extreme adventure seekers, others use this activity for special occasions such as celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, or even proposing to a loved one. Whatever the occasion, the mountains and parks in Colorado provide naturally beautiful views that create a memorable cliff camping experience.

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