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Cities Of The Future Bring Us Zoos Where People Are The Ones Enclosed


The 21st Century is marked by global urbanization, by 2050, more than 70% of the world’s population will live in cities.

A survey from design company Sasaki asked people from six US cities what they loved and hated about their environment. It revealed a passion for old buildings – 57% of those surveyed looked at old buildings when walking down the street, compared with 15% who loved skyscrapers. Only 17% wanted more shiny, modern buildings.

The BBC spoke to architects and technologists about unusual buildings that might populate our future cities. None is quite what you expect.

The zoo where we are enclosed

Bjarke Ingels will transform the Givskud Zoo in Denmark. It was based on a philosophy of having only social animals. People associate zoos with a lonely tiger in a small box, going crazy from boredom and claustrophobia. What it should look like is a group of animals living together in a habitat resembling their normal habitat.

That way a visitor is outnumbered by the animals and not the other way around. Zoos used to be important for science and education, when people could not travel. Now you have television and inexpensive airfares that allow you to actually see animals. Therefore, the role of the zoo has seemingly disappeared.

Hopefully, Zootopia can be a really exciting contribution to the zoo experience, making it more interactive.

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