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Cities Ending Free Parking For Drivers With Handicapped Tags


People abusing handicapped parking has been a huge problem in the states for some time. A lot of times, people who aren’t even handicapped are able to get the now famous blue handicapped tags in some way and then use them to park wherever they want.

It is a great idea, allowing people who do have trouble getting around get the best parking spots that are closest to wherever it is they are going, but it has been abused to the point where not only the people, but city officials are completely sick of it.

And now cities are finally taking a stand and telling people that they will not be able to park without paying, even if they are handicapped. Portland, Oregon recently took away this privilege, saying that there really was a lot of abuse of this system.

However, handicapped advocates are getting angered by the move, and they do have a point. Because for everyone person that is abusing the right, there are many handicapped people who could really use the savings. Handicapped people do spend a lot more on their health, so not having to pay for parking does come in pretty handy, no pun intended, for most.

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