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Cinematic Visions Of The Future: Futuristic Cities In Movies

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2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is another amazing metropolis that filmmakers have changed in so many amazing ways. The 1982 landmark film “Blade Runner” shows Los Angeles in 2019, which means that Ridley Scott’s vision of a dystopian metropolis will soon be humanity’s fictional “future past.” In the film, Los Angeles is a huge industrial complex filled with huge mega-skyscrapers.

Perhaps the most famous vision of Los Angeles in the future was created by filmmaker James Cameron, in his 1984 film “The Terminator.” The movie’s plot suggests that by 2029, Los Angeles and the rest of the world will be controlled by vicious computers and artificial intelligence.

Cameron’s landscape of the future was desolate and filled with the scars of decades of war between robots and humans. However, Los Angeles in “The Terminator” differs wildly from the West Coast of the future that was envisioned in the 1993 film “Demolition Man.”

Taking place primarily in Los Angeles in 2032, the story imagines a 2010 earthquake that would destroy the coast and allow humanity to rebuild a megacity stretching from San Diego all the way through Los Angeles and into Santa Barbara.

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