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Check Out These 18 Healthiest Cities in the World

18. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
Photo credit: Dougtone / Flickr

When it comes to health, more than just physical fitness plays a role as citizens around the world require access to good medical care, clean air, safe water, and places to find respite from life’s daily stressors to experience complete health. Surprisingly, some of the cities in the world that boast the most people of optimal wellness and happiness may not be where you first think. Here’s our countdown of the 18 healthiest cities in the world overall.

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Seventy-six percent of residents in The Twin Cities report exercising regularly, and these communities have been rated numero uno in the US for three years running, according to the American Fitness Index. However, this assessment primarily considers physical fitness, levels of exercise, obesity stats, and smoking habits while completely ignoring some of the region’s industrial pollution and water quality issues.

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