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Check Out The Upcoming DC Fashion Week Highlights


Most people, when they hear Washington DC, do not immediately think of fashion. It is far more likely that they will think Congress, tourism and the popularly despised politicians. In reality, Washington is developing into an international fashion center in the US and the DC Fashion Week is the most rapidly growing fashion show in the country, making it the fourth biggest in the US.

This week, on Wednesday, February 18, another DC Fashion Week is commencing and it is going to be everything you want from your fashion week. The week is kicking off at the closed clothing store Rainbow on H Street and it will be showcasing the emerging designers from the area and more.

On Thursday, it is all about jewelry and accessories as the entire day will be dedicated to accessory and jewelry designers who will be showcasing their work and their collections.

Friday is the day for haute and modesty designers from all over the world who will be exhibiting their collections and designs. Names such as Abayat Raqia, Zaskia Sungkar and Dian Pelangi will give this night an exciting international vibe.

Emerging designers and indie artists will have their day on Saturday 21st as they will be showcasing their abilities and works. Some of the people who will be represented on Saturday are Lamesa, Kechena Designs, ITSYBITSY Swim and Sharon Brown.

The last day, Sunday is set aside for more international designers, such as Irena Levkovych, BoDeni Neck Wear, Ites International and Sera Vero Nik, just to name a few.

By all standards, Washington DC is in for a treat this week.

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