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California Cities Desperate For Water


California has entered its fourth consecutive year of drought, and the nine US cities suffering the greatest consequences of drought are all located in the state. Mostly affected by the drought are the farmers, especially senior water rights holders – they have all been cut off by the government.

There are five levels of drought, D0 being abnormally dry, and D4 being exceptional drought. The entire state of California ranked at least D2, meaning severe drought. Some parts were even at level D4 for the first time ever. Due to the fact that most of California’s rainfall happens during the winter, it is extremely difficult for the situation to change during the summer season. Now, after four years of severe drought, even the reservoirs are not enough to make up for the fact that water is lacking.

This has affected the economy, as well, as around $800 million in farm revenue was lost. In addition, the expenses of pumping water from other sources have risen to $447 million.

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