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Boston Ranked Most Expensive American City

Based on the cost of lodging, Boston has been ranked the most expensive city in North America, according to a new survey from, which compared 30 popular destinations in the United States and Canada. Also, hotel rates during October served as the comparative basis.

October was the chosen month because the majority of big cities reach their highest hotel rates in the tenth month. Basically, October is the most suitable month for such a comparison to take place. Only the hotels that have a positive average client rating and that are located no more than a mile from the city center have been taken into consideration.

In Boston, travelers will have to pay an average of $214 per night for the most affordable double room during October – these numbers are significantly higher than in Chicago or New York City, which rank second and third most expensive, respectively.

The least expensive city is Montreal where travelers will pay around $50 per night in October. With an average nightly rate of $103, Calgary is the most expensive Canadian city on the list.

Here’s a list of the ten most expensive cities in North America:

1. Boston $214

2. Chicago $155

3. New York City $154

4. San Francisco $133

5. Nashville $132

6. Houston $127

7. New Orleans $124

8. Philadelphia $124

9. Washington DC $119

10. Austin $118

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