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Block Island Of Rhode Island


Here, you can hunt for hidden treasure along the beaches and bluffs. An hour-long ferry ride or a 12-minute flight is what it takes to travel from mainland Rhode Island to Block Island.

The island is a 3-by-7-mile resort with rolling hills, green bluffs, open meadows, numerous of freshwater ponds and a 17-mile stretch of beautiful public beaches.

The Mohegan Bluffs extend for almost three miles and stand 200 feet above the water for not-to-be-missed Atlantic Ocean scenery. There are also hiking trails and a staircase to travel up and down if you prefer.

Summer brings the Block Island Glass Float Project, a scavenger hunt to find 550 grapefruit-size glass orbs that are shattered around the island. The floats are stamped, numbered and dated, allowing contestants to register them online and keep them as souvenirs.

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