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Big Yet Intimate Indie Rock Festival In Atlanta


If you asked anyone in Atlanta how long Shaky Knees has been part of the music scene in the city, they would tell you that it has been years, if not decades. In reality, the 2015 Shaky Knees Music Festival will be only the third one. This speaks volumes about how well it has been accepted and what it means for Atlanta residents who are not all about electronic and dance music which have reigned supreme in the city for years.

Shaky Knees has changed the venue for this year’s incarnation and it will be held at Atlanta’s Central Park, from May 8-10. It has definitely grown in size and stature with the performers spread across 5 different stages this year, so you might want to plan ahead if you want to see all of your favorites.

This year, the festival will also feature a ton of food trucks with perfect snacks for nightlong dancing and singing. Furthermore, there will be quite a few bars within the festival grounds so you can keep yourself hydrated.

The organizers claim that the festival, despite growing in size, will keep that same feel of intimacy and music-first identity that it built over its first two years.

Of course, we must also share some of the names you will be able to see at Shaky Knees 2015: The Strokes, Pixies, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Mastodon, Keiser Chiefs, Interpol, Brand New, Social Distortion, The Abett Brothers and many others.

Finally, we have a sensationally well-made private video from Shaky Knees 2014 (thanks Ross Morales!) which shows everything that is great about this unique festival. Check it out!

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