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Best Ways To Commute Without A Car

6.There Are No Restrictions
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2. Choosing Your Commute

Your first step in a car-free commute requires figuring out the commuting options available in your city. If your job is 20 miles away from your home, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to hit the sidewalk and walk to work unless you leave a day in advance. However, even a distance of 10 miles or more isn’t impossible on a bike or via public transportation.

All major metropolitan areas have buses, and many locations also have subways, trains and also feature bike paths for cycling commuters. Your commuting choice will probably come down to a combination of time, equipment/fare cost, and distance. Unless you’re dead-set on a specific type of commuting option, you’ll want to try everything at least once. Taking the bus might get you to work more quickly than you thought.

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