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Best US Cities For Veterans


When retiring, military members are often in a bit of a predicament. All their lives, they moved where the government told them to, and they never had the need to find a place they would actually call their home.

That is why Military Times decided to do the research for them, and comprise a list of 75 cities which would best suit the needs of veterans – divided into three portions, depending on the size of the city. The best large city is Virginia Beach, Va., due to its extremely low crime rate and the short time it takes to get to work.

Alexandria, Va. ranked first among medium cities, due its unbelievably low unemployment rate – only 0,4%. It also has a lot of space for outdoor activities, teams for all major sports, and free public museums. When it comes to small cities, Glen Burnie, Md. ranked first due to its low housing prices, and a large number of health facilities.

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