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Best Preschools For Your Kid In Chicago

Preschools are a great opportunity for children between 3 and 5 to start learning about learning and to find out about authority and social relationships that occur in an educational environment. More advanced and structured than simple daycare, preschools are an excellent first step in your child’s education.

Choosing the right preschool can be difficult at times, especially in a city as big as Chicago and that is why we will be giving you a few ideas with these, the best preschools in Chicago area.

Creative Scholars Preschool at 1735 N. Elston Ave., opened its door in 2009 and it almost immediately became one of the most sought-after preschools in the city. They consider their job to be providing the foundations for children’s future education. Their curriculum includes language development, fine arts and structured free-time activities.

Children’s Learning Place is located at 1669-1681N. Milwaukee Ave. and is also one of the finest preschools in the Windy City, with a curriculum which is based on half-hour segment that provide children with new skills and enhancement of their educational abilities. The curriculum includes activities such as: math and sciences, language development, creative movement and arts and music.

Another amazing preschool is the Park West Cooperative Nursery School, located at 2335 N. Orchard Street and offering a special junior kindergarten program. It is envisioned as the place where children will obtain skills and knowledge that will help them in their future education. Their program is designed so as to benefit cognitive processes and various social and problem-solving skills.

Kids’ Work Chicago is another excellent preschool in Chicago area, more precisely at 2608 W Addison St, Unit A. The people who run Kid’s Work put the focus on relationship and social skills, as well as certain academic interests and areas.

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