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Best Cities To Live In As A Teacher


Being a teacher is not easy. It is an extremely important job and the worst thing is that you are very rarely rewarded properly for doing it; or even acknowledged. However, there are parts of the country where being a teacher is a much more rewarding job. A website called ValuePenguin looked at a number of statistics and they have come up with a list of best cities for people who work as teachers.

In the end, they produced three different lists, one for cities with under 100,000 residents, those with 100,000 to 500,000 residents and those bigger than 500,000. Finally, they did an overall list where they listed 30 best cities in the United States for teachers.

According to them, the best city for teachers in America is Salinas, California, mainly because of the fact that the average teacher salary in this city is $78,590 which is rivaled by only few other cities examined. Valdosta, Georgia is second on the list, while Charleston, South Carolina, San Diego, California and Oakland, California wrap up the Top 5.

When we are talking big cities, meaning those with more than 500,000 residents, San Diego and Oakland are in the first two places, with Detroit, Michigan, Washington D.C. and Fresno, California also in the top 5.

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