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Best Cities In The U.S. To Celebrate New Year’s Eve


It’s December and it is not long before we usher in the new year. A big part of it, for many people, is the New Year’s Eve celebration, something that some American cities do better than others. Today, we will be looking at those cities and what they have to offer when the calendar turns.

It goes without saying that New York City offers one of the best New Year’s Eve experiences in the world and not just the U.S. It quite possibly hosts the most memorable celebration of its kind in Times Square, with a throng of celebrities performing each year and with the famous crystal ball drop. If the idea of getting lost in millions of people doing the same is not so exciting, there is plenty more that the Big Apple offers. You can, for instance, book a nighttime boat ride around the New York Harbor, and enjoy the fireworks display in style.

shutterstock_240698806Las Vegas is another place to be on New Year’s Eve, offering a particularly wild experience to anyone who visits it on December 31. If you thought that Sin City is crazy enough on regular days, you should see it on New Year’s Eve. Somehow, the city that is always at 10, somehow manages to crank it up to 11 that night, with so much going on and with such insanity taking over the city that it might actually be too much for some people. The fireworks displays that go off from all of Las Vegas’ hotels at the stroke of midnight are just breath-taking.

For something different and charming, your best bet is to go down to New Orleans and see how they do it in the Big Easy. Much like during the Mardi Gras, the party is non-stop, there are a bajillion bars to check out and there is also a fantastic fireworks display along the Mississippi River. In addition to this, you can check out the famous Jax Brewery Baby New Year drop which is always a spectacle.

For family people, we cannot forget to mention Orlando with its Disney New Year’s Eve celebrations that are sure to stay with your children for a long, long time. Orlando is also much less crowded that time of the year than in the summer and its family-friendly nature is even more pronounced in the winter.

Other cities to check out for a New Year’s Eve celebration include San Diego, Savannah, Honolulu and San Francisco.

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