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Best California Cities For Families


California has traditionally been the state to which many people gravitate and it is no wonder. California is the biggest economy in the U.S. and also the seventh in the world. It boasts amazing nature and space is never a problem. In addition to this, some of the country’s best universities are in California and thanks to its new paid family leave program, the Golden State is definitely one of the best for raising a family.

Unfortunately, not all Cali cities are the same when it comes to family life and that is why WalletHub did an analysis, taking into consideration 22 different factors and using them to come up with the list of the best California cities for raising a family. The factors were combined into four major categories – Family Life & Fun; Education, Health & Safety; Affordability and Socioeconomic Environment. In the end, the cities got their score and you can now check out which are the best.

In the first place is Folsom, thanks to topping the Affordability category, while also faring quite well in other categories. Eastvale came in spot No. 2 thanks to its top ranking in the Education, Health and Safety and the fact that it came in third in Affordability. San Ramon is in third place, ranking top 5 in all categories apart from Family Life & Fun.

Dublin and Pleasanton are also in the top five, with the following cities rounding off the top 10: El Dorado Hills, Danville, Aliso Viejo, Palo Alto and Roseville.

Brentwood made #21, Santa Clara made #33, while San Jose and San Diego made #78 and #96 respectively. Sacramento is at spot number 130 with Beverly Hills only two spots lower at #132. San Francisco is 178th on the list, Los Angeles 215th and Oakland 239th.

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