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Best And Worst U.S. Cities For Pet Owners


The American Pet Products Association recently came out with the results of their survey which confirmed that a record 65 percent of American households today include a pet. This is despite the fact that keeping a pet has become more expensive than ever before, with expenses as varied as health insurance, grooming and licenses growing each year.

WalletHub recently did an extensive study of American cities, investigating a number of factors such as insurance premiums, numbers of veterinarians per capita, animal shelters per capita, dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants per capita and more. They combined all of this in an algorithm and compiled a list of 100 U.S. cities ranging from best to worst when it comes to owning pets.

The best city for pet owners, according to their rankings, is Cincinnati, Ohio which ranked in the top 10 in most categories, earning an overall #1 spot. St. Louis, Missouri is the second best pet-owning city in the country, mostly due to the fact that it ranked in #9 in the “budget” category. Colorado Springs, Colorado is in the third spot with Tampa, Florida and Richmond, Virginia rounding off the top 5.

On the other side of the spectrum is Newark, New Jersey which ranked extremely poorly in pretty much all of the categories. New York City is the second worst city in America to be a pet owner while Santa Ana, California, Detroit, Michigan and Memphis, Tennessee also found their spots in the bottom 5.


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