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Best And Worst Cities For An Active Lifestyle In 2014

The holiday season is not exactly the time of the year when most of us lead particularly active lifestyles and it could actually be said that this is the time of gorging for most people. We are stuffing ourselves with all kinds of delicacies and we tend to spend more time inside, just sitting around, dozing off and, why not say it, being slobs.

In order to get us going, WalletHub just came out with a list of 100 biggest cities in the country, listed according to how well they are suited for an active lifestyle.

They have factored all kinds of facts when making this list and we have to say it is the most comprehensive list of its kind we have seen in a while. For example, they looked at how high the monthly fitness club fees are in different cities. Lexington, KY and Santa Ana, CA had the lowest fees while Washington, DC and New York, NY had the highest.

They also looked at how many swimming pools per capita different cities have, with Cleveland, OH having the most and Freemont, CA, Chesapeake, VA and Laredo, TX tying for the least.  When it comes to park playgrounds per capita, the winner is Madison, WI and the loser is Laredo, TX.

Perhaps the most telling statistic is the percentage of people who regularly engage in physical activity. Seattle, WA and Portland, OR are tied for the first place while El Paso, TX is the worst, followed closely by Arlington and Fort Worth, also Texas cities.

The best overall cities for active lifestyle are Omaha, NE, Portland, OR and Pittsburgh, PA whereas the worst overall are Laredo, TX, Jersey City, NJ and Newark, NJ.

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