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Best And Biggest Easter Egg Hunts In The US

Easter is upon us and for people with children, this means one thing – egg hunts. And while you may be organizing your own private egg hunt, we will be looking into the most lavish and interesting ones happening all over the United States. Some traditional, some not. Some ginormous, some not. Memorable in some way, for sure.

White House Easter Egg Roll is definitely the most famous of all the US egg rolls and it is traditionally organized by President and President’s family on the South Lawn of the White House. It features games, singing, dancing, stories and the event that gave the occasion its name – the traditional egg roll.

Another US egg hunt that is truly something is The Big Egg Hunt presented by Faberge in New York City. This egg hunt features egg sculptures designed by famous designers and artists, such as Caroline Herrera and Tommy Hilfiger scattered all over the five boroughs. Unfortunately, the hunters do not get to keep the eggs.

The Miami Zoo also organizes its own Great Egg Safari as they call it and they have been hosting it for a few years now. It is not only the kids who get to hunt for eggs, as the animals also get their own egg hunts in their own habitats.

In Copper Mountain, Colorado, the famous Colorado’s Largest Egg Hunt takes place during the Easter weekend and it features more than 60,000 eggs to be found. Once the hunt is over, everyone gets together for an Easter egg decorating party.

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