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Belgian Beer Festival In Rain City

On January 31st, Seattle is once again hosting one of the biggest and most succulent festivals in all of America – the Belgianfest. If you haven’t heard of Belgianfest before, it is about time. This festival is all about Belgian beers that are crafted in Washington by the best brewers in the state.

Ask anyone who has been in the beer business for more than a few years or anyone who knows a thing or two about beer culture in general and they will tell you that Belgian beers are something truly special, something that may require a bit more from the average drinker but that will return the investment manifold later in life.

Belgian beers come in many varieties, from saisons to dubbels, from sour lambics to wits, from triples to abbey-style ales and they all have their little idiosyncrasies and characteristics that make them so unique and so delicious; if you give them a chance.

This Saturday, you will have the chance to do exactly that, at Bell Harbor International Conference Center on the waterfront where more than 80 Belgian-style beers are going to be presented by Washington breweries who have plenty to showcase.

The list of breweries and the beers that will be showcased at the Belgianfest would take up too much time and space but you can rest assured you will not be disappointed. In addition to the beers, the following vendors will be selling their delicacies: Dante’s Inferno Dogs, Sweet Iron Waffles, Taylor Shellfish and Theo Chocolate.

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