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Bach Descends To American Subways This Weekend


Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music and one of those very special masters that determined what music will sound like in the future. These days, however, we seem to have lost the ability to appreciate incredible music that composers like Bach gave us. Luckily, there are people who are trying to change this.

One of these people is Dale Henderson, a cellist who started an international movement called Bach in the Subways. It is a celebration of Bach’s music and classical music in general, organized every March 21st, on composer’s birthday. It entails classical musicians and entire orchestras descending into the subways of their respective cities and giving free performances of Bach’s music.

The idea behind the Bach in the Subways day is to bring classical music to people who usually do not have the opportunity to hear it and who might become fans of such incredible music thanks to these free performances. The performances are envisioned as gifts to the people living in the cities where the movement has taken hold. And there are quite a few.

Pretty much all bigger cities in the US will feature these performances on March 21st, including a number of performances in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle and many others. The performances will also be held in cities worldwide, such as Minsk, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Toronto, Venice and Budapest, just to name a few.

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