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AU Denounces Racist Yik Yak Posts

The Yik Yak app, created by two students from Furman University, allows the users to “Yak” totally anonymously, with their posts being shared with everyone who also uses the app in the 10-mile radius. Due to its anonymity and local nature, it has become all the rage on campuses across America.

Unfortunately, the anonymity also allows idiots to say whatever they want without culpability and at American University in Washington D.C. this has led to the officials being put in a situation where they need to publicly address and denounce racist Yik Yak posts that have been posted by their students.

The two “yaks” that have been most publicized are “tame these monkeys” and “isn’t there some cotton that needs to be picked?”

School administrators have, of course, denounced these racist posts, characterizing them as “deeply offensive” and in no way representative of the core values of inclusion, respect and integrity that the school holds so dear.

The comments from the students mostly reveal shock and disbelief at what is being said. One student said “I think the climate on campus is positive on racial diversity and inclusion. I was really shocked by the posts.”

Another student said, “It should be taken as seriously as death threats because it is creating a horrible atmosphere.”

The university spokesperson says that the school has no way in which to control these offensive and racist Yik Yak post but that they will continue to continue talks and debates on inclusion and racial matters.

Perhaps the most mature comment came from yet another student on the campus who said, “I think it’s a harmless app; there are always going to be ignorant people who will be racist and we just have to try to change that.”

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