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Artexpo Is Returning To NYC

Artexpo is a name that is well-known to all fans of fine arts in the United States and the world. It is an annual art trade show that has been held for 37 straight years in New York City and that has grown to be the largest expo of its kind in the world.

This year, Artexpo will be held for the 37th time, at Pier 94, one of the most prestigious and lavish exhibition spaces in the world, the unconventional convention center, as it is also called. The expo will be taking place from April 23-26.

Traditionally, Artexpo is about artists and art galleries getting exposure in front of tens of thousands of buyers from all over the US and world. It is estimated that more than 25,000 buyers will be attending the expo this year and that more than 400 artists and galleries will be showcasing their works. We are talking thousands of works of art – paintings, prints, sculpture, drawings, ceramics, photography, lithographs, glass works, giclee and much, much more.

Of course, the Artexpo is not only about this, as a number of different events will be organized, each of them providing added value to this amazing convention.

For instance, the Synergy Live Arts Events will have art students from New Jersey-based schools work together with exhibiting artists on original artwork murals. The Trends & Topics Education series will provide seminars to attendees and exhibitors on art marketing, design, social media, business strategies and more. The number of seminars and speeches by different artists and professionals from the world of art will also be held.

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