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Are You In Vegas? Acquaint Yourself With These Strange Rules

Codes, laws and regulations in Nevada, and especially in Sin City, can be quite strange and counter intuitive. They also regulate everything from shoe-fitting to camels to bosoms.

Take traffic, for example. Las Vegas metro police will not respond to a traffic accident unless there is a severe injury or major road obstruction. This leaves drivers in a my-word-against-his situation. If you’re driving a rental, notify the rental agency immediately as only sometimes it will send someone to write a report. It’s against the law for an involved driver to withhold personal and insurance information. If this happens, call the police and they’ll send someone.

There are many codes concerning female nudity. In some venues, an entertainer is allowed to perform topless and you can drink an adult drink during the show. In others you can, or even must, consume a very expensive non-alcoholic kiddie drink, but it’s fine for the entertainers to be totally nude. In addition, places, often showrooms, where bare breasts are fine except for nipples, which must be covered all the time. The code also states dancers in private VIP rooms need to wear two pair of panties, whatever that means.

In the gambling arena, card counting in blackjack is perfectly legal. Casinos, however, have the right to choose which customers to serve. Many casino managers believe that it is the rare card counter who’s good enough to inflict significant damage, and therefore allow them to stay.

Other eyebrow raising laws include NRS 202.180 that makes it unlawful to deposit or cast into any lake, creek or river, the offal of any animal. Then there’s NRS 202.245 that prohibits the use of any shoe-fitting device or machine using X-ray or radiation. Criminal anarchy is also illegal in Nevada, according to NRS 203.115. Presumably, regular anarchy is okay.

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