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Angel Oak Is The Greatest Reason To Visit Charleston

It’s never a wrong time to visit Charleston, but as the colder months approach, it’s a good time to head down to South Carolina for sweet tea and warm temperatures.

And while you’re exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the South, there are a few things you absolutely must do. You should get a Big Nasty for breakfast at Hominy Grill, go shopping on King Street, venture down to City Market and check out this old, stunning oak tree just a few miles outside of the city.

Located about a half hour from Charleston on John’s Island, the tree is the prettiest thing you could put on your profile.

Settled comfortably on three acres of land, the Charleston Park Conservancy says “the Angel Oak is thought to be one of the oldest living things east of the Mississippi River.” Most sources estimate the tree is 1,500 years old. Other sources say it’s closer to 400 or 500 years old.

No matter how old it is, nobody can deny the tree is TALL, coming in at more than 65 feet with a trunk that’s truly massive.

The tree offers up a lot of shade – around 17,000 square feet of it – but you should still have your sun cream and bug spray with you. Once you wipe most of the bug spray off, stick to John’s Island for food, and dine at the Angel Oak Restaurant .

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