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And The Most Eco-Friendliest City Is…


When being asked the question of what the most eco-friendly city in the world is, it might not be the easiest question to answer. First of all, you’re probably going to either have to do a lot of research, or already be familiar with these kinds of things in order to have any idea at all about it.

So what’s the answer? It’s Vancouver! That’s right, Vancouver, Canada. It was listed at number one by the Siemens Green City Index and really passed every eco-related aspect with flying colors. According to this index, Vancouver has very low CO2 emissions, the options for getting around the city are numerous and many eco-friendly, and water and waste management is also incredibly well structured and implemented.

Even though this might be surprising to people who are not from the city, most people who live there know that the green culture is very strong and has been that way since the 1960s. It is, in fact, where Greenpeace was born.

Vancouver is one of the rare large cities in North America that really makes sure that all environmental aspects of urban living are taken into consideration as the city has grown and scaled.

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