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A Few Tips On AP Courses


Many high schools across the country have implemented the APC (Advanced Placement Capston) diploma program. Its goal is to supplement AP courses – to earn their diploma, students are obliged to complete two freshly designed AP classes (AP Seminar as a sophomore or junior and AP Research in the year after), as well as other four AP courses at any time during their high school education. While the benefits are apparent from the beginning, there are some things all students should pay attention to.

First of all, one must research and realize whether they are ready to handle the rigour of the program. The requirements are high, but so are the rewards. Second, one would need about $500 to cover the expenses of the AP exams. There are certain cases where the College Board may be able to greatly lower those fees for qualifying students.

The next thing one should think about is whether they can obey the schedule set by the AP Capstone diploma. AP Seminar and AP Research are both yearlong courses, therefore students should be ready to clear their schedules to acommodate the AP courses. Also, students should consult with parents, teachers and counselors about what they plan their future job to be before enrolling on the AP courses – some paths might value your participation at the courses, some might not.

Balance is key, therefore one should always plan ahead if even considering dealing with these courses – think about what you need to sacrifice and give good thought to whether it is worth it. In some cases, it might just be.

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