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5 Ugliest College Campuses In The US

Recently, we talked about the most beautiful US college campuses and today we are doing the exact opposite. Namely, we will be looking at the ugliest, most depressing and disheartening college campuses in America. It almost makes you feel sorry for the students who have to walk these campuses each day. It is just sad.

Rochester Institute of Technology simply had to make the list, with its brick on brick on brick on brick looks that seem more like something from a dystopian movie than a place of learning. At best, it looks like factory buildings from the days when industrial architecture was still a non-existent concept.

We also had to include Northeastern University, because, more so than anywhere else, this is where a total lack of interest sealed the deal for the main building. It is as if they gave a few hours to the architect and told them that it needs only to stand up and house that many rooms. And then they built the first sketch that the architect drew. It is just so incredibly boring and bland.

Brandeis University, on the other hand, was meant to be modern and cool, but they just failed miserably. The architecture was envisioned to be bold and modern with a lot of glass and bricks. The only problem is that they just couldn’t make it work for some reason. On top of this utter architectural fail, they also tried to fit in a castle amidst all that. No. Just no.

Drexel University in Philadelphia is another example of an ugly campus which actually got awards for being the ugliest in the country. It is really not difficult to understand why this is the case. The prison-like dorms and orange brick buildings are just a part of its charm.

We would also like to include University of Massachusetts-Amherst on our list and it is mostly because of a heavy industrial park feel that you get when you enter the campus when it is not snow-covered. It really says a lot when you ask for snow to cover it to make it look less ugly.

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