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5 Things That Make a City A Happy City


When discussing the ideal cities to live in, there has always been talk of some kind of a happiness index. This is what determines how satisfied the people who are living in the city are with their lives. And just as with anything in life that is related to your emotions, there are many things that come into play when determining what the happiest cities in the world to live in are.

Of course, money always comes into the equation. And it’s not just about how many jobs there are, but how many good jobs there are. This is something that is often referred to as Human Capital. Of course, that is one of the main issues. Another surprisingly big one is commuting.

Well, it might not be that surprising if you are someone who gets infuriated in traffic every day going to and from work, but it’s one that people might not expect to rank that high in terms of importance, but it does.

The weather is also important. It has been seen that the happiest places in the world tend to generally have very mild winters.

Of course, another big thing is social trust. This is where crime factors in, and the basic principle here is the simple question of whether you feel safe walking around your city or not.

And another thing that is hugely important is green space. It seems that city people who are surrounded by nothing but concrete tend to be pretty unhappy. Having nice parks and vegetation in a city to break up the monotony of the big city landscape can go a long way.

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