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5 Most Expensive Preschools In New York City


Many people think that the right preschool is the only right start to any academic career and in some parts of the country, finding that perfect preschool for your child and getting them into it is something  many parents are looking to do.

And really, depending on the preschool that you get your kids into, they will have a very different experience from those kids who end up in some other, less prestigious and lauded preschools. For people who believe that it is the money (read: tuition) that makes a preschool, here are some of the most expensive places in all of New York City according to the Blackboard Awards list from 2011-2012.

It is probably safe to say that they only got more expensive over the years.

#5 – Columbia Grammar

Columbia Grammar is located at 5 West 93rd Street and the yearly tuition for this school will send you back $36,390. For this kind of money, your child will have access to three libraries, six music and seven art studios as well as any other facility they might desire.

#4 Horace Mann School

With the yearly tuition of $37,275, the Horace Mann School at 231 West 246th Street in Riverdale is the fourth on our list. The children are exposed to computers from a very young age, as well as chess.

#3 and #2 – Fieldston Lower School and Ethical Culture School

Fieldston Lower School and Ethical Culture School are in fact two divisions of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, but since they have two separate admissions processes and different addresses, we consider them to be separate, individual schools.

The tuition is the same for both and it sits at $37,825 and you can rest assured that your child (should they get in) will get some of the best preschool education in NYC.

#1 Riverdale Country School

The preschool that tops our list is the Riverdale Country School, which is to be found at 5250 Fieldston Road, Riverdale. The tuition is $38,500 and the school has a strong focus on developing foreign language skills of the children, among other things.

So there you have it. But do you have the money?

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