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4 Super-Weird Colleges In The US


We’ve talked about expensive colleges, mismanaged colleges, beautiful colleges and even ugly colleges in the US. Today, we will be looking at four of the absolute weirdest colleges in the entire country. Who knows, maybe you find yourself interested in one of them?

The first on our list is the Ohio College of Clown Arts in Akron, Ohio. We have all heard innumerable jokes that involve clown colleges in one way or another. Well, this is the real deal – a college that offers 30 weeks of instruction on how to become the best clown you can be. Two of the courses are called Clown Characterization and Physical Clowning, just to give you a taste.

Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois is the second college on our list and as you might have imagined, it is run by the McDonald’s company. To cut the long story short, the college teaches everything there is about McDonald’s protocol, as well as general restaurant management. It is actually much more serious than its name would suggest.

College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri is a Presbyterian liberal arts college that separates itself from other similar (and less similar) colleges in that it has no formal fees or tuitions. Instead, the students who enroll work for their education. The students are required to work 15 hours a week and two 40-hour weeks during off time.

Deep Springs College in Dyer, California is another college where the students work in lieu of tuitions and fees. The college is located on a cattle-ranch in the High Desert and students are assigned different tasks every 7 weeks. Most of the DSC alumni claim that the unique nature of the college has provided them with more than just an education in liberal arts.

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