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20 Dumbest Cities In America


#18 – Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson, New Jersey is the 18th least educated city in the US. Paterson is a city in the New York Metropolitan Area and it has around 150,000 inhabitants. This makes it the third most populous city in New Jersey. Due to its relatively small area, it is also the second-highest density city in the entire US.

The city had a very important role in silk production in the 19th century which earned it the moniker Silk City. It has since become one of the favorite places for Hispanic immigrants, as well as those from the Arab and Muslim world. For example, it has the second largest population of Muslim people in the entire country.

One of the most important and popular sites in the city is the Hinchliffe Stadium which was used during segregation as the home stadium of New York Black Yankees. It is one of the very few Negro League stadiums that still exist and it is listed on the National register of Historic Places. This is just one of the buildings in the city that have found their way onto the register.

The city is serviced by a number of elementary and high schools, as well as the Passaic County Community College. The city is also the host to annual robotics competition at the said college, which is the leading competition of its kind in the entire state.

However, despite all that, Paterson still made our list, with only 9.0% of population having a bachelor degree and only 58.5% having high school education.

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