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20 Best High Schools In California

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The California Department of Education boasts some of the best results on the national level. Year after year, California ranks among the finest when it comes to high schools and the performance of students in those high schools. Unfortunately, California is also home to some of the nation’s worst high schools with the lowest graduation rates country-wide.

Our topic today, however, are the former – the best high schools that California has to offer. We are talking high schools that are doing everything in their power to provide their students with top-notch education but that are also trying to include innovations in the way they do their job.

Simply put, these are the best 20 high schools in California.


1.  Lynbrook High School, San Jose

Lynbrook High School is a regular on most lists of top schools, not only in California, but nation-wide as well. And this is not just according to some. Various sources name this school as one of the best in nation and considering the following vision of theirs, it is no wonder:

“We seek to create a dynamic environment of respect and achievement where ALL can learn deeply, apply their knowledge and contribute purposefully.” 

For instance, the Great Schools organization has most recently given Lynbrook a 10 of 10 score, while the FindTheBest gave the high school a rating of 95. SchoolDigger, for instance, has also ranked the Lynbrook High School as the 37th best in the state, while the U.S. News has ranked it at no. 18 overall and at No. 7 when it comes to STEM schools in the state.

The school itself has great academic offerings, including courses in business, art, mathematics, industrial technology, and world languages. Besides the collective success that this school’s students achieve every year, there have also been innumerable examples of individual excellence.

Finally, it is only one of the two high schools that received the title of Intel School of Distinction in 2011.

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