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15 Heroin Overdoses In One Day in New Jersey


When there is an epidemic of heroin overdoses, it can usually be tracked to a particularly “dirty” batch where the mixing process went wrong and where the end users are given a mix that contains adulterants that are responsible for overdoses and deaths in such cases. The case from New Jersey is completely opposite.

The Camden Metro Police came forward with the news that 15 people have overdosed in the neighborhood, as well as several neighboring neighborhoods in less than 24 hours and the most surprising of the facts is that they suspect an extraordinary “pure” batch of heroin, basically pure, unadulterated heroin.

Scott Thompson, Camden Metro Police Chief said that “Right now we know that there is something out there that’s putting people in near death situation.” He added that the vast majority of cases, more precisely 14 of 15 have been young people, “Generally young 20’s.”

He then told the news about the neighborhoods in question, “We’re talking Washington Township, Cherry Hill and Haddonfield. Heroin doesn’t discriminate who it hooks into.”

The police have also identified the “brand” of the heroin that contains this pure heroin and they are doing everything in their power to identify and apprehend the people responsible for this string of overdoses that has caused a number of near-fatalities.

Camden Police have also stepped up their patrols and they have started working in conjunction with the cooper University Hospital where the overdose victims are taken.

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