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15 Best High Schools In New York

Eleanor Roosevelt High School
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3. Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Just a few minutes walk from the East River, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Eleanor Roosevelt High School began educating students in 2002 and soon established itself as one of New York City’s top high schools; Business Insider rates Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. ninth among New York’s top high schools.

Though in the heart of New York City, the ambiance of Eleanor Roosevelt is more like a private institute or suburban high school, as described by Inside Schools. Students are described as “mature and focused” and teachers treat students more like adults.

A significant feature of the academic program is integration of art with other academic themes. Collaborative relationships with instructors from Rockefeller University, the Museum of Natural History, Barnard College, and Polytechnic University, give students an opportunity to broaden the depth of their knowledge and understanding, and to form liaisons beyond high school which help students to learn how what they are learning in school applies in real-life situations and in academic studies after graduation.

Additionally, the school supports a long list of diversified partnerships that enhance the learning experience of students and deepen their commitment to proactive causes, with such organizations as the American Cancer Society, Broadway Cares, City Harvest, City Meals-on-Wheels, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, NY Cares, New York City Council, New York State Senate, New York Exploring, Tomorrow’s Business Leaders, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, among many other organizations partnering with Eleanor Roosevelt High.

The school states that its goal is to provide a “thoughtful, challenging, comprehensive high school experience to our students.” This is accomplished through “collaboration,” and through “active examination and exploration” of educational offerings, combined with the nurturing of artistic endeavors among students, striving to instill a lifelong love of learning.

A somewhat limited language offering includes French and Spanish. In addition to standard sports such as basketball and baseball, Eleanor Roosevelt High School offers cross country skiing, ping pong, and girl’s soccer.

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