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21 Cities And Towns To Move Away From In The UK


2. Leeds

It’s not uncommon for students to try drugs during college due to peer pressure and the party atmosphere, but a disproportionate number of students at Leeds University have tried drugs and have given the town a terrible reputation for drug abuse.

As reported by The Daily Mail, a recent survey in the student magazine “Tab” revealed that a staggering eight out of ten students at Leeds University had tried drugs. In addition to drug-addled students, Leeds also features a hefty amount of crime.

As a large city of over 757,000 people, according to The Office for National Statistics, reining in the crime, unemployment, and pollution has proven a monumental task for locals.

Recent unemployment figures out of West Yorkshire paint an economy that’s not as strong as London would like the country to believe. According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the number of people seeking unemployment benefits grew in January 2014 with 20,554 unemployed Leeds residents “on the dole.”

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