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11 Cities With Surprisingly Good Public Transportation

2. Savannah

Savannah is among the nation’s busiest and fastest growing seaports in the country. Further, the city’s Old World charm and interesting history draws numerous visitors each year. Therefore, Savannah has managed to create an exceptional transport system which takes advantage of literally every mode of transportation the city has to offer. The city’s shuttle service carries visitors all around town to view the cultural sites, while the city also offers ferry rides from River Street (one of the main roads cutting through downtown) to Hutchinson Island.

“Dottie”is the city’s biofuel streetcar, which not only reveals the city’s willingness to embrace new technology but also carries passengers to more locations than one might expect. Beyond all that–each of these travel services are offered for free.City residents can use either the trolleys or the regular city buses for traveling to work or school. The city is also becoming increasingly more bike friendly.

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