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11 Cities With Surprisingly Good Public Transportation

A highly developed transit system has become a major selling point for individuals considering a move to one of the nation’s larger cities. After all, you can save money and reduce the carbon footprint by simply using city transportation, and studies show that individuals living in areas with better transit systems are happier (probably because they aren’t stuck in traffic). Here, you’ll find the list of the best transit systems across the country.

1. Charleston

As “America’s Most Friendly City”, Charleston, SC certainly has a great number of visitors who come to enjoy the well-preserved architecture and rich history this port city has to offer. Charleston is a very walkable city, with several attractions located with two to three city blocks from one another.

The city offers regular bus transit, regular and reliable airport shuttles and Bus Tracker service. From “The Battery” onlookers can watch cargo ships as they pass by, or catch a water taxi to get a unique view of the area. PediCab service is also available, which simply involves an individual being transported around town via bikes.

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