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10 Loneliest Big Cities On the Planet


If you’re in a philosophical mood, why not think about the vastness of this Earth for a while? It truly is an enormous planet with a lot of different communities. Of course, someone who is used to big city living always has tons of people around them. But that doesn’t mean that they are not necessarily lonely.

Of course, that’s more of an emotional and philosophical question of whether being around people equates to not being isolated. But if you are looking at loneliness rationally, as in, there is a lot of physical distance between you and the next person, well then there are some cities that actually can get pretty lonely and isolated.

With that in mind, a list of lonely cities has been published. These are the cities that are furthest away from other cities. And the most isolated city on the list was Auckland, New Zealand. You will have to travel 1,3000 miles from Auckland in order to reach the next city of comparable size. It seems that Australia is a pretty lonely place, because the second city on the list is Perth.

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