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Top 21 Reasons Montreal Is Better Than Toronto


19. A Lower Murder Rate

Montreal has a significantly lower murder rate than Toronto, which basically means that Montreal is a much safer place to live and offers its citizens better quality of life. In case you are interested in the exact numbers, there were 28 murders in Montreal in 2014, just one more than in 2013. There were 57 homicides in Toronto last year, the same number of murders that happened in 2013.

Although Toronto didn’t see a rise in the number of homicides in two consecutive years, the city witnessed double the number of murders that happened in Montreal. In this case, the figures really speak for themselves.

As far as Montreal murders are concerned, street fights were responsible for almost half of the 2014 homicides. Montreal police also said that 13 murders started as impromptu conflicts. The mafia killed four people, which is quite a difference to the 18 homicides in 2013. This also mean that organized crime in Montreal went down and is expected to stay that way.

The bottom line is that, even when there’s no rise in the number of homicides, Toronto is still nowhere near as safe as Montreal.

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