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Top 17 Small Cities In Ohio


The Midwestern state of Ohio may be most well known as the “Buckeye State” but it offers so much more to our great country. From the gorgeous state capital of Columbus to the waters of Lake Erie and it’s Ohio river border, the great state of Ohio features many natural and man made wonders.

To many it may seem like there isn’t much more to the state than it’s major cities but we know that Ohio is actually home to some of the best small cities in the nation. Here we’ll highlight our top 17 favorite small cities in Ohio for recreation, friendliness, local commerce and their ability to welcome new families into their communities.

1. Perrysburg

The city of Perrysburg, Ohio kicks off our list at the number 17 in large part due to it’s close proximity to the much larger city of Toledo. Perrysburg offers a fantastic setting along the Maumee river and features a number of interesting historical sites for visitors and community members to enjoy.

The history of this lovely city commenced with the construction of Fort Meigs in 1813. After early settlers moved to higher ground to escape flood conditions the town of Perrysburg was settled on April 26, 1816.

Perrysburg currently covers about 11.5 square miles and comes in at 630 feet above sea level. As a suburb of Toledo the city offers a great refuge from the bustling big city while still remaining within arms reach of Ohio’s 4th most populated city.

According to Wikipedia a 2012 estimate put the population of Perrysburg at a comfortable 21,161 people and the community is mostly made up of married couples, many of which have children under the age of 18 in the home as well. Neighborhood Scout shows that the city ranks well for it’s exceptional quality of life and high median home price of around an average of $199,800.

Other information compiled by Neighborhood Scout shows that the city currently boasts a great education system, all the way from it’s 4 elementary schools on up to it’s junior high and high school. It is also located very closely to 5 major colleges and universities including: Bowling Green State University, University of Findlay, Lourdes College, The University of Toledo and Owens Community College.

This would be a great incentive for families looking towards a good education for their children and perhaps themselves to relocate to the area. Based off of census information collected in 2000, 47 percent of Perrysburg residents had a Bachelor’s degree or higher. When compared to just 21 percent of US citizens Perrysburg residents come in well above the rest of the nation in higher education.

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  • Blue Ash is on the north end of Cincinnati, not the south.

  • Redsfanx

    Does the person who wrote this about Blue Ash have any knowledge of geography? South of Cincinnati is only the Ohio River and the State of Kentucky.

  • Michelle Smella

    Someone might want to proofread these articles before they go live next time. “It’s” with an apostrophe, is short for “it has” or “it is”. The constant misuse if “it’s” throughout this article distracted me so much that I decided to stop reading it part way through. It’s kind of hard to take journalism seriously with those kinds of errors.

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