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Top 17 Cities To Move To In Australia


16. Perth, Western Australia

Perth is one of the most isolated large cities in Australia. The closest city that has more than 100,000 residents is over 1,300 miles away from this diamond in the middle of nowhere. However, despite its relative isolation from the rest of populated Australia, Perth has a lot to offer anyone who lives or visits there.

It has a desirable coast-side location with plenty of beaches for enjoying. Its schools have excellent ratings, there are an abundance of parks, the crime rate is low, there is a popular music center for concerts, and several very interesting museums. Perth proves that you don’t have to live in a city that is in the middle of everything to have a city that is modern and entertaining.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Perth has around 1.97 million residents. That just goes to show that people really don’t mind the geographical isolation of this city. In fact, they flock to it. It is also the capital of Western Australia, so the government and high court buildings are located there.

Perth ranked 9th on the list of the world’s most livable cities that the Economist Intelligence Unit put out in 2012, proving it is a place for everyone.

Perth is the dominant city in Western Australia in terms of economy. It has major industries in town in mining and agriculture, and its location on the coast makes it a hub for export businesses, as well. Service-related jobs are also plentiful in Perth, with those working in the service industry supplying services to other locals working in different industries.

Its isolation from the rest of Australia means that Perth has never had to develop industries that interacted much with the rest of the world. Most of its industries are there to meet the needs of the people of Perth itself. Anything the city cannot produce on its own, it imports from other locations.

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