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Top 17 Cities and Towns For Kids In Canada

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Safety, education, and entertainment are important features for family friendly towns, and Canada has several cities with those features in abundance. Air quality, housing affordability, and childcare availability also tend to be important for many families, and there are towns in every province that fit the bill. Here are the top 17 cities in Canada that are terrific for kids.

17. Regina, Saskatchewan

The capital of Saskatchewan has almost 180,000 inhabitants and routinely shows up on “best of” lists for friendly Canadian towns. Regina is a beautiful city and has been growing healthily in the past several years. The local government provides assistance to new parents and young families with programs like the Regina Children’s Initiative, which helps grow happy, healthy adults by focusing on early childhood learning and activities.

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  • Paul Sloan

    Of the 17 Best Cities to live in Canada, NOT one is one the USA/Canada border although there are a multitude of cities, towns, villages along the boundary lines. The border even runs right through a couple. It appears distance from the USA is one of the criteria used. Sad really because the people on either side seem to get along so well.

    • Brycon Slaughter Casey

      Vancouver is on the US border.

  • Don Juan

    winnipeg #8… lol

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