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Top 21 Small Cities In Pennsylvania

The first three cities many people think of when Pennsylvania is discussed are Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. However, there are many small towns in this state that are worth taking note of.

You should know some of these different towns if you are looking for a nice and quiet place to live. This list is also great for people who want to find a nice small town where they can enjoy a vacation or short getaway. While there are many small cities in Pennsylvania, these are some of the best.

1. Hazleton

According to the 2010 US census there were only 25,340 people living in this small town, a number which has risen by 8.6% since the 2000 census. This town is located at the base of the Pocono Mountains. It has become a vacation destination for people who want to escape the stresses of living in the big city and enjoy the small city life that this town has to offer its residents and guests.

Because of the tourism in the area, there are many opportunities for activities. There are several golf courses, fishing options and even trails that people can hike or bike on. There are several high-end restaurants in this town where you can enjoy tastes from around the country. This town is also committed to recycling and creating a greener city. They do this in a number of ways. Some of these include regular recycling pickup and there is even a monthly electronics recycling program.

The school system in the city is also a great one, with many college opportunities available for people in this town. Some of these options include Penn State Hazleton, Luzerne Community College and Lackawanna College.

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  • harry

    this article totally ignored the northern tier of the state

  • keith hinkel

    No matter what boroughs in Pa are mentioned there are no jobs, high rent costs, crime rampant. Pa not the friendly place it once was. Get rid of China imports.

  • jim lombardi

    who was in charge of supplying this article with the photos? Willow Grove…Collegeville? Horrible representation! All nice places but I’d hardly call Willow Grove and small town.

  • PAWX2011

    are you kidding me Hazelton?? They ever been there? A bombed out shell of a town infested with illegals and a school system overrun with kids who cannot speak English.

  • rayb_baby

    Willow Grove????? It’s an extended suburb with no downtown or any indication that you’ve entered it or left it. It’s even in two townships. However, it has good shopping and an excellent Turnpike entrance. And King of Prussia?????, Not much different! No downtown, a MASSIVE shopping district and 3 major highways converging to yield huge traffic congestion. However, it’s right next to Valley Forge National Park, so I’ll give it that. WHO WROTE THIS CRAP????

    • G-Man

      Guess we’ll have to follow the money…cause this article is crap….surprised Newark wasn’t on the list..I know it’s in New Jersey but so what?..Nothing else makes sense here either…

  • Joseph Sheehan

    When I saw Hazleton as number 1, I knew that this report was worthless. Crime is rampant in Hazleton and jobs are scarce. There is nothing to do there and the government is corrupt and incompetent.

  • G-Man

    When I saw Murraysville and Mt Lebanon I knew the article is worthless too…Murraysville is just an area of upscale homes with Rt 22 running thru..there is no “town” per se…Mt Lebanon is about the same with Rt 19 running thru it….couldn’t get much further because my PC froze up..hope Oakmont Pa. is on the list..once again we’ll host the US OPEN this year..and it really IS a nice small town…that what?..The number one town is PA is where you feel comfortable and call home.

  • tman

    As soon as I saw Columbia, I checked to see if it was actually an Onion article.

  • peters

    This writer must be stoned – Hazelton?

  • Airdoc507

    Nice picture for Chambersburg. Do you think you could have picked one without the flooding?

  • BK

    The photo for Narberth is a photo of Narberth, Wales. The vehicles are on the wrong side of the street and have foreign license plates. In fact if you Google Narberth, this is the first photo in the results, which probably explains a lot.

  • shawn

    Hazleton is a gang and heroin infested craphole.

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