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Top 16 Small Cities In New York

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5. Ellicottville

When most people think of skiing they think of Colorado or New Hampshire; however, the far western New York town of Ellicottville is the perfect small-town destination for skiers who want to visit nearby resorts. Ellicottville is just a short drive south of Buffalo and is right next to the ridiculously cute and friendly Holiday Valley ski resort.

According to statistics, the town’s actual size is incredibly small since the 2010 census counted just 376 residents in town. However, despite the town’s small population, the community has more than its fair share of museums and historic sites.

According to the town’s official website, some of the nearby museums include the Seneca Museum of Waterways, the Seneca Rail Museum, and the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum. According to real estate website Trulia, quite a few homes were on the market in the small community in the first quarter of 2014, signaling a healthy environment for home sales.

Prices varied quite a bit from around $300,000 to well over $600,000 although most homes were selling for somewhere between $250,000 and $350,000. One of the nicest features of Ellicottville is its weather during the summer. Although the area is quite popular with skiers in the winter, the summers are absolutely gorgeous.

The Weather Channel suggests that temperatures rarely reach 80 degrees all summer and that residents get to enjoy beautiful temperatures in the upper 70s most of the day. Other summertime pursuits in town, according to travel website Trip Advisor, include visiting the entertaining Griffis Sculpture Park, taking lessons at the Mel Sole Golf School, or visiting Watson’s Chocolates for some divine desserts.

The Chamber of Commerce’s official website for Ellicottville also features a number of fun events each year like the annual Fall Festival in October and the Jazz & Blues Festival in July.

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