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Top 16 Small Cities In New York

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11. Saranac Lake

The village of Saranac Lake is where people go when they want to relax along one of northern New York’s beautiful waterfront towns, but don’t want to put up with the crowds at Lake Placid. This small town was developed along the picturesque Adirondack mountain range and was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation for its efforts at maintaining its 200-year-old homes, as detailed on its official community website.

However, the historic charm and character of the town doesn’t mean that all the real estate is hugely out of reach for the average family.

In fact, some of the real estate is nicely priced, according to real estate website Trulia. The town’s listings in the first several months of 2014 showed a variety of homes at price points from under 100,000K to a range of several hundred thousand dollars more. Residents of Saranac Lake often need to buy a few extra jackets if they move into the area as the winters tend to get quite cold, according to The Weather Channel.

Lows during the night come very close to reaching zero degrees in the winter and the nights routinely get into the 40s all summer long. During the day in the summer, the weather is fairly gorgeous as temperatures tend to stay in the high seventies.

The population of Saranac Lake is small at 5,406, according to 2010 census figures, and the city has also seen some growth of its population. One of the reasons why people have been interested in moving to the community probably has something to do with the bundle of official accolades placed upon the city.

According to the city’s official website, Saranac Lake was dubbed a Best Town in 2010 by Outdoor Life Magazine as well as the location for the Best Cabin Getaway of 2012 by Outside Magazine, just to name a few recent awards.

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