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Top 20 Small Cities In Florida

3. Islamorada

Islamorada is one of a number of small cities that make up the Keys in Southern Florida. It has a population of only around 6,500 people, but visitors that come from all over the country all year round make it a much more exciting and populous place than you would think.

Islamorada first gained national attention during the 1935 hurricane when more than 400 residents lost their lives. The memorial dedicated to the hurricane still attracts large crowds to this day. Ted Williams, one of the biggest names in MLB history was the town’s most famous residents for decades until he finally left in 1988 due to increased development which was not to his liking.

The town features the world-famous Plantation Yacht Harbor, with its modern marina and incredible fishing opportunities for people from the state and other parts of the US as well. The area around Islamorada is also famous for a number of private little islands and isolated residences, quite often owned by the richest and the most famous.

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