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Top 20 Small Cities In Florida


13. Key Largo

Key Largo became a part of American pop culture thanks to the 1948 noir movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall at their steamiest. Even though the movie was not shot in actual Key Largo, it put the town on the map which is why there is still a Humphrey Bogart film festival happening there each year.

The town of Key Largo is a small place, with less than 11,000 permanent residents calling it their home. The Key is the longest of all the Florida Keys and also the beginning of the Overseas Highway, a sight all on its own.

Key Largo is still lauded as one of the premiere diving locations in the world, with impossibly beautiful crystalline lagoons and all kinds of exotic species to observe underwater. In addition to this, the ocean floor is riddled with shipwrecks which ensure your diving experience will be something else. The town lets you enjoy the old-Florida atmosphere, relaxed, almost lazy and catering to people who know how to stop and smell the roses, so to say.

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