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Top 20 Small Cities In Florida

7. Jupiter
Photo credit: Venture Minimalists / Flickr

10. Jupiter

Located north of Miami, the small town of Jupiter provides the much-needed respite from the intense energy of Florida’s biggest city and lets its residents and visitors enjoy themselves in a much more laid-back lifestyle which can be so relaxing. With the population of just under 60,000, Jupiter is a delicious little town with a very specific atmosphere which made it the 8th Happiest Seaside Town in America in 2012.

One of the main attractions in the area is the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, which was completed in 1860 and which is still one of the oldest landmarks in Florida. You will also find traditional Florida ecosystems such as Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Carlin Park and Riverbend Park in the area. The tow is also famous for its water-based activities, such as fishing, surfing, snorkeling, canoeing, kite surfing and diving.

However, Jupiter does not neglect more cultural content, thanks to the Town of Jupiter Gallery of Art and a number of annual exhibitions that are quite popular across the entire state. New developments are being planned but we are not sure if they are what Jupiter and its residents really need.

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