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Top 16 Cities And Towns For Kids In Australia

Perth, Australia-flickr-jimmy_ray
Photo credit: jimmy_ray / Flickr

Australia’s economy is booming, and it’s known for being environmentally friendly and a wildlife haven. It seems that this would make it the perfect country for raising happy, healthy, well-rounded children. While Australia in general is wonderful, not all of its cities are created equally when it comes to families.

Some areas have housing prices that are just too high for most families to afford. Others suffer from many of the same problems like other large urban areas, such as neglect of the infrastructure, high crime, and lack of jobs. Plenty of Australian cities are kid-friendly, though. So where are Australia’s best cities for families with kids? Here are the top 16.

1. Perth

Despite being a relatively isolated city (the closest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants is over 1,300 miles away), Perth still has a lot to offer. Its location along the coast makes it an attractive tourist destination, and also provides plenty of beaches for family outings.

It has top-rated schools, a nice selection of museums, a music center, and lots of large parks. With a low crime rate, this is a city families with young children will enjoy.

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  • lynn

    All very well to focus on theatre, child care and similar but surely the most important thing is that at least one parent has a job so the family can take advantage of all those cultural assets. On that basis Launceston WTF?

  • harleyboy66

    I am from the “east coast ” of Canada. This is outrageous
    I have connections to every place you trashed in the East Coast.
    This should be called cowardly cyber bullying … No , it is just pure, “Bull Siht” !!

  • Andre Valcourt

    Your Wrong worse city in Canada is Welland look it up.

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